Wednesday, February 11, 2009

did you think i was kidding?

yes, i'm back again.

thanks to everyone who left comments and made me feel welcome and not like a ding-dong for being gone for so long. that was nice of you.

here are some of the things i think i've learned from nathaniel's first semester in college:

1. we did a pretty good job raising nathaniel (i think we already knew that) but it helps when your kid is able to assess what could have gone better in a given situation. it gives a parent confidence that the foundation the three of you built together is strong.

2. i like to cook. i am a good cook. i don't like fish sticks and blue box macaroni and cheese and i never, ever will. ina garten is my new superhero. (note to self, must learn how to cook for two!)

3. we need to work out (see number 2, above).

4. i am deeply in love with my husband (i already knew this too), but after the raw, new-ness of nathaniel's absence wore off, we settled into couple-dom again and it is wonderful.


i will post some pictures of a few finished objects very soon. i can't wait to share with all of you again!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

hello there...

i am still here, for those of you still interested or checking (hi, kim!)

nathaniel's first semester is behind us and the second semester is well under way.

my empty-nest tender heart has healed (mostly).

i plan on being more present here and re-connecting. emotional hibernation is sometimes necessary, but now it's time to wake up and get going.