Thursday, April 27, 2006

dos and don'ts...

i do like candy.
i don't like milk chocolate.

i do like rap music.
i don't like free form jazz fusion.

i do have a crush on john cusack.
i don't think i'd ever do anything about it.

i do carry more than 5 lip balms and/or glosses in my purse.
i don't carry any other make-up.

i do wear make-up.
i don't wear perfume.

i do like baseball.
i don't like basketball.

i do have an organized desk at my office.
i don't at home.

i do watch t.v.
i don't have cable or a satellite dish.

i do wear self-tanner.
i don't lay out in the sun.

i do knit.
i don't crochet.

i do have a cell phone.
i don't like to use it.

i do fear the dark, heights and public speaking.
i don't have a fear of strangers.

i do have a day planner.
i don't use it.

i do love flowers.
i don't have a green thumb.

i do prepare food.
i don't cook.

i do have 3 stepfathers.
i don't know my biological father.

i do write real, honest to goodness, letters.
i don't do it with any regularity.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Monday, April 24, 2006

how i spent my sunday...

kelly and i spent yesterday at the home of our friends, dawn & terry. dawn & terry, if you recall, are the master photographers behind the wonderful family portrait showcased here last week. dawn & terry lured us to their home with promises of barbecue and then proceeded to torture us for hours by taking our picture.

really, i didn't even know they were going to feed us. when dawn asked me if i would be her model for a portraiture class assignment on dramatic or "hollywood" lighting, it was that pretend arm-twisting situation wherein the question is still hanging in the air when i shouted, "yes!" AND to top it all off, i got to wear hats...which are my number one favorite fashion accessory. seriously, in the history of clothes, felt, some netting, beads, feathers and wide ribbon could not be be more fantastic. in whatever iteration they are combined, they are fabulous.

dawn & terry have a remarkably compact lower level studio. when you see the finished product they will not belie the studio's size. i got to wear a black and white sheath dress that i paid, i'm not joking, 50 cents for at a thrift store. that and a pair of faux diamond studs and i was all set for my close-up.

the lights were blazing hot, but dawn & terry made me feel cool as a cuke. after the first session in which i got to wear a to-die-for cream wide-brimmed hat with rhinestones and lush black ribbon rose, they decided to try some dramatic couples lighting. their inspiration was a print advertisement for some men's cologne. kelly had to look brooding...i had to look protected and thoughtful. it was a stretch for both of us, but i think the submission for the assignment will come from this session.

and then it was time for my holly-go-lightly session. bright white background, same vintage b&w dress and a breath-taking black woven hat with a short veil. it was all i could do to not light a cigarette and take long, hot drags through a cigarette holder.

so. much. fun. once they're done retouching them (yes, i have my photographer re-touch my pictures...all the really BIG names have it done!) i will share some here. my dream of modeling has definitely come true.

until then, here is a photo that they took last time out at the end of our family portrait time. dawn wanted to try to work with fur and wouldn't you know i have a faux fur hat and a real fur could i resist an offer to wear them and be photographed.

please note...this is before touch-ups in which terry darkened my lipstick and made my green eyes greener. it reminds me of the line in the "wizard of oz," "can they even dye my eyes to match my gown? jolly good town!"

Friday, April 21, 2006

someone mentioned to me how much they missed my writing here (hi, nancy!). looking back i realized she was right--i haven't been writing much, but telling my stories with pictures.

there have been many things i thought to write about...

* how the birds keep waking me up at 4 a.m...

* how much i want my neighbor to mow her lawn...

* how i knit and then frogged an eighth of a sweater because my gauge was wrong...

* how i think i am giving myself an ulcer from watching my son pitch--he's doing great, but that's a lot of pressure on a 16 year old (and on his mom)...

* how spring pretty much just passed us by and we're now just in full-on summer...

* how i cannot stop thinking up new projects, but can't seem to carve out an extra 4 hours of each day to accomplish them...

* when we had our family portraits done it reminded me how much i dreamed of being a model when i was a young teen...and then my friends dawn and terry made that dream a reality...

more words and pictures soon...i promise, nancy!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

weekend and tuesday night...

planted 150 of these...

made this skirt from an old pillow case...

made 19 medium and 19 small pom pons for my bookmark exchange contribtion...

look how pretty they look with my new book!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


NOTE: i posted this once already today, but blogger ate it. if i fail again, i'll take it as a sign from the gods that my bad-mouthing mother nature was not taken lightly.

i don't really like spring. that may sound like season-ism, but i don't care for things that are so changeable. spring is the season afflicted with multiple personality disorder. in the morning it's so chilly and windy i have to wear a sweater and a raincoat. at lunchtime there may be a sprinkle or a downpour, so wear boots and don't forget an umbrella. by quitting time, the sky is blue with high wispy clouds and the interior of my car is as hot as hades, so i have to shed my sweater and drive home in my skivvies.

however, if spring were the same each day and i knew what to expect (i'm like this in all aspects of my life, not just the weather, so spring should not take this diatribe personally), and the views were as pretty as the pictures below are, then we would be fast friends.

i'm admittedly unfamiliar with any botanical names, but if it were up to me the tree that produced these gorgeous blossoms would be called, ""ohmygoodness you-take-my-breath-away!"

Friday, April 07, 2006

color quiz...

the results are WAY negative, but still one of those quizzes i couldn't resist taking. if you're not very thick-skinned, i don't recommend it.

ColorQuiz.comheidi took the free personality test!

"Wants interesting and exciting things to happen. A..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

knitting night...

look what my fab gf, becky, gave me last night! i have it right next to my computer screen here at the office so i can get a little cheer-up anytime i look at it!

becky gave it to me last evening at wednesday night knitting club (we don't really call it that. but maybe we need to come up with a catchy acronym of some sort to describe the fun we have!) . she also gifted me with a thimble lapel pin. i'm sporting it right now, ladies!

we also welcomed a new knitty member, leslie/lesley (i don't know how to properly spell her name, so i've put both possible spellings here!). leslie knit a very long, very chic bookmark or choker...she hasn't decided what it is quite yet. i hope becky and i didn't frighten her too much...we can be a bit overwhelming.

here's a pic of leslie/ley sporting a very fun cookie monster tee. hey, who took this picture? shakes the clown? no, that would be me.

i brought along my defective cupcake (2nd in a series of two) to show off. below is a pic of the cupcake. i cropped out my face, etc. from the pic because it seemed like an awful lot of heidi and not nearly enough cupcake.

and last but not least, here's a fun photo of ever patient and talented knitter, becky, sporting her new scarf. it is a lovely rhubarb color and the pattern is from the book holiday knits. wonderful, simply wonderful ruffly scarf, beck!