Thursday, April 27, 2006

dos and don'ts...

i do like candy.
i don't like milk chocolate.

i do like rap music.
i don't like free form jazz fusion.

i do have a crush on john cusack.
i don't think i'd ever do anything about it.

i do carry more than 5 lip balms and/or glosses in my purse.
i don't carry any other make-up.

i do wear make-up.
i don't wear perfume.

i do like baseball.
i don't like basketball.

i do have an organized desk at my office.
i don't at home.

i do watch t.v.
i don't have cable or a satellite dish.

i do wear self-tanner.
i don't lay out in the sun.

i do knit.
i don't crochet.

i do have a cell phone.
i don't like to use it.

i do fear the dark, heights and public speaking.
i don't have a fear of strangers.

i do have a day planner.
i don't use it.

i do love flowers.
i don't have a green thumb.

i do prepare food.
i don't cook.

i do have 3 stepfathers.
i don't know my biological father.

i do write real, honest to goodness, letters.
i don't do it with any regularity.

wanna play? tagged--angelica, becky, denise, linda, mary beth, sharon


Becky said...

so- aren't you going to tag anyone? and more importantly- what brought that on? i liked reading all about you- esp the lip gloss thang! b

Linda said...

Heidi, I'm still working on mine. Not as easy as I thought it would be!

angelica torrez said...

Thanks for tagging me...

I do like to be tagged
I don't usually do things like this......

I will have to think about this one... you are so creative... I enjoyed reading your do's and dont's