Tuesday, April 11, 2006


NOTE: i posted this once already today, but blogger ate it. if i fail again, i'll take it as a sign from the gods that my bad-mouthing mother nature was not taken lightly.

i don't really like spring. that may sound like season-ism, but i don't care for things that are so changeable. spring is the season afflicted with multiple personality disorder. in the morning it's so chilly and windy i have to wear a sweater and a raincoat. at lunchtime there may be a sprinkle or a downpour, so wear boots and don't forget an umbrella. by quitting time, the sky is blue with high wispy clouds and the interior of my car is as hot as hades, so i have to shed my sweater and drive home in my skivvies.

however, if spring were the same each day and i knew what to expect (i'm like this in all aspects of my life, not just the weather, so spring should not take this diatribe personally), and the views were as pretty as the pictures below are, then we would be fast friends.

i'm admittedly unfamiliar with any botanical names, but if it were up to me the tree that produced these gorgeous blossoms would be called, ""ohmygoodness you-take-my-breath-away!"


firstborn studio said...

i know just what you mean...about that change.you put your finger on the pulse of the season for me...your images are beautiful and mannny things about spring do take my breath away...but alas,change.
missing you!

Becky said...

i hear ya- i go outside in the AM after cindy prezsler has told me it is going to be 80 and i am freezing to death. this little interim period before we settle on the st. louis heat is a little aggravating...but omg the buds and blooms. beautiful photos!

lindaharre said...

gorgeous blooms...gorgeous photos.~L.