Wednesday, May 24, 2006

over one week...

and i have had nothing to say...or more accurately, i have had nothing i wanted to share.

do you remember the teacher asking you in the most annoying voice (EVER) if you had anything you wanted to "share" with the class when you got caught talking to your friend while the lesson was being taught? i haven't even had anything i wanted to whisper to my friend at the next desk.

i have been working in the yard (hence the poison ivy on my arms and legs and how, pray tell, did it get on my stomach?), looking at the birds at the feeder and birdbath (it's like nature's television!). see the blurry evidence below...

indigo seen in my backyard on sunday morning. if i had actually been doing laundry, i would have missed it. SEE, there is a reason procrastinating is worth it.

when the weather gets nice, i get extroverted and tend not to write as much, i guess. wait for a bit of ennui to set in and i'll be blogging full force again. until then, please keep checking back. i don't want you to think i forgot ya.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

and the charm...

( the tiny dots are air bubbles in the diamond glaze.)

to accompany the journal featured yesterday. this round robin was sponsored by christine farmer of the artist block and the yahoo group she's organized. there are twelve artists working on one another's bracelets and journals. this one is for heather. her theme is things with wings. i guess i am not very good at following directions...actually i meant to put wings on these special gals, but at the last moment decided that friendship is what gives many of us wings, so i left them out. these two obviously are very special to one another. i feel the same way about my friends.

Monday, May 15, 2006


good girl, a collage page for the journal accompanying a charm bracelet i'm working on...

hope everyone had a nice mother's day, yesterday!

Friday, May 12, 2006


i got tagged (2x) by denise...

five things...

five minutes to yourself: quick pass through house to straighten
five bucks to spend right now: yarn or paper
five items in your house you could part with: THE TV, the entertainment center, THE OTHER TV, the living room curtains, the threadbare upholstery on the couch
five items you absolutely, positively could never part with in your house:
the family photographs, the books, the memories, my collection of vintage aprons, my two favorite guys (not necessarily in that order!)
five words you love: lovely, peachy, groovy, fabulous, okey dokey

what's in....

my fridge: sugar free jell-o, skinny cows, low-fat cream cheese, 2% american cheese, boca burgers
my closet: countless pairs of flip-flops, pink crinoline, messy piles of sweaters, cast-off purses, empty plastic bins meant to hold my shoes, lots of vintage dresses
my purse: checkbook, wallet, vintage eye glass case (holding hot pink pair of cheaters), band-aids, packets of splenda, neosporine, sunglasses, hairbrush, change purse, cell phone, gobs of keys, two “idea” notebooks
my car: nothing…i’m a freak about keeping my car cleared of clutter—I think the glove box has a pair of kelly’s sunglasses and our owner’s manual, oh yeah, and some dental floss

Thursday, May 04, 2006

split knitting personalities...

from a wonderful estate sale score -- vintage knitting patterns.
this one should be called "disturbingly demented"!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

this week, i've been working 10 hour days at the office, driving straight home, eating and crashing on the couch to watch "texas ranch house." after living a dilbert day, the concept of chucking it all to toil at a hearth preparing cornbread and beans is appealing.

when i was little, i so wanted to be amish...i didn't understand it was a religious choice. then i moved on to my fascination with little house on the prairie. it all changed, though, when i realized i couldn't wear eye shadow or have my hair permed. i'm nothing if not a material girl.