Friday, May 12, 2006


i got tagged (2x) by denise...

five things...

five minutes to yourself: quick pass through house to straighten
five bucks to spend right now: yarn or paper
five items in your house you could part with: THE TV, the entertainment center, THE OTHER TV, the living room curtains, the threadbare upholstery on the couch
five items you absolutely, positively could never part with in your house:
the family photographs, the books, the memories, my collection of vintage aprons, my two favorite guys (not necessarily in that order!)
five words you love: lovely, peachy, groovy, fabulous, okey dokey

what's in....

my fridge: sugar free jell-o, skinny cows, low-fat cream cheese, 2% american cheese, boca burgers
my closet: countless pairs of flip-flops, pink crinoline, messy piles of sweaters, cast-off purses, empty plastic bins meant to hold my shoes, lots of vintage dresses
my purse: checkbook, wallet, vintage eye glass case (holding hot pink pair of cheaters), band-aids, packets of splenda, neosporine, sunglasses, hairbrush, change purse, cell phone, gobs of keys, two “idea” notebooks
my car: nothing…i’m a freak about keeping my car cleared of clutter—I think the glove box has a pair of kelly’s sunglasses and our owner’s manual, oh yeah, and some dental floss


firstborn studio said...

ah,thanks for playing along sweetie!

MB Shaw said...

I've been a slacker from when you tagged me weeks ago. So sorry for that, I was actually working on it and then lost track. Don't give up on my totally :-)

Also....I was addicted to Boca Burgers until I tried Gardenburgers, the Portobella mushroom flavor. They are fantastic. Now I am addicted to them with 1/2 skinnycow smushed up on top. Yum.