Wednesday, May 24, 2006

over one week...

and i have had nothing to say...or more accurately, i have had nothing i wanted to share.

do you remember the teacher asking you in the most annoying voice (EVER) if you had anything you wanted to "share" with the class when you got caught talking to your friend while the lesson was being taught? i haven't even had anything i wanted to whisper to my friend at the next desk.

i have been working in the yard (hence the poison ivy on my arms and legs and how, pray tell, did it get on my stomach?), looking at the birds at the feeder and birdbath (it's like nature's television!). see the blurry evidence below...

indigo seen in my backyard on sunday morning. if i had actually been doing laundry, i would have missed it. SEE, there is a reason procrastinating is worth it.

when the weather gets nice, i get extroverted and tend not to write as much, i guess. wait for a bit of ennui to set in and i'll be blogging full force again. until then, please keep checking back. i don't want you to think i forgot ya.

1 comment:

Michel Murphy said...

How exciting to see this strikingly-colored bird in your own backyard! I see Cardinals regularly in the trees in my backyard but they are always gone by the time I get my camera. I've never seen an indigo bunting. Thanks for sharing.