Thursday, April 06, 2006

knitting night...

look what my fab gf, becky, gave me last night! i have it right next to my computer screen here at the office so i can get a little cheer-up anytime i look at it!

becky gave it to me last evening at wednesday night knitting club (we don't really call it that. but maybe we need to come up with a catchy acronym of some sort to describe the fun we have!) . she also gifted me with a thimble lapel pin. i'm sporting it right now, ladies!

we also welcomed a new knitty member, leslie/lesley (i don't know how to properly spell her name, so i've put both possible spellings here!). leslie knit a very long, very chic bookmark or choker...she hasn't decided what it is quite yet. i hope becky and i didn't frighten her too much...we can be a bit overwhelming.

here's a pic of leslie/ley sporting a very fun cookie monster tee. hey, who took this picture? shakes the clown? no, that would be me.

i brought along my defective cupcake (2nd in a series of two) to show off. below is a pic of the cupcake. i cropped out my face, etc. from the pic because it seemed like an awful lot of heidi and not nearly enough cupcake.

and last but not least, here's a fun photo of ever patient and talented knitter, becky, sporting her new scarf. it is a lovely rhubarb color and the pattern is from the book holiday knits. wonderful, simply wonderful ruffly scarf, beck!


Linda said...

Very fun! And I LOVE the cupcake! I crochet, but would love to learn to knit- it's way cooler!

Sharon Wisely said...

Ok-Looks like the Wed. Nite Club is on-See U All on Wed. for a cup of heavy on the cream decaf and a little bit of stitching--hearting your Made Just for You Barbie by Becky tag!

Becky said...

OkOk I am posting a positive comment so Heidi will approve it. Lesley was a fab student! By george she got it in mere minutes! The scarf is done- all the ends woven in- just in time for spring...

firstborn studio said...

pure delight...delicious sisterhood!
becky's scarf and of a kind!
lesley...a real sweetheart,from what i can see she doesn't scare easily!
you...the eternal wacky,wonderful optimist!and that cupcake...yumyumyummy!