Thursday, February 15, 2007

reach out...

i don't like to talk on the telephone -- you all know that.

but perhaps you didn't know that i am not so good at keeping in touch, in general. you could send me an e-mail and i will, most likely respond, but there's a good chance, i might not too. if you call me and i don't pick up the phone and you leave a message, i probably won't call you back. it's not that i don't like people, it's that i don't understand why people like me.

okay, that's not entirely true. it's that i like to think i'm humble. and with that humility comes the self-awareness that what i have to say is not all that dang important.

i've read a bit of miss manners in my time and mostly she counsels us to think that the things we have to say and the knowledge we desire to impart on the world are inconsequential compared to what we have to learn from those around us...oh yeah, and that responding to an invitation in a timely fashion is first and foremost on the scale of social decency.


i've been absent around here of late due to one or all of the following:

1. i have a wicked viral thing and it is all i can do to get my keester in gear every day and go to work;
2. my co-worker is going to be on maternity leave for at least another three weeks and four attorneys can sure crank out some work!
3. nothing exciting has happened lately...except a bunch of knitting and some finished sewing projects. pictures tomorrow. i know you can't wait.

'til then, please send me an e-mail and i'll probably get back to you, but please don't call me on the phone.

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