Friday, November 16, 2007

beaker bag instructions...

beaker bag


small amount of malabrigo worsted weight for contrasting color (cc) (reserve about 2 yards of this color for sewing together the bottom of the bag)

one skein of malabrigo worsted weight for main color (mc)

size 11, 24” circular needle

tapestry needle



not really important as this bag is felted/fulled…this is a “let go and let it be” project. go with the flow, knitter!


bo - bind off
cc - contrasting color
co - cast on
dec - decrease
dec rd- decrease round
k - knit
k2tog - knit two together
mc - main color
pm - place marker
rd - round
sm - slip marker
sts - stitches


body of bag (knit from bottom edge up)
co 110 sts with cc. join for working in the round being careful not to twist stitches. pm for beginning of rd. k55 and pm to denote middle of rd. k every rd until piece measures 3” from co edge.

change to mc, and k every rd until piece measures 5” from co edge.

decrease round – on next rd dec as follows: k1, k2tog, k to 3 sts before next marker, k2tog, k1, sm, k1, k2tog, k to 3 sts before marker for beginning of rd, k2tog, k1. 4 sts decreased (106 sts). k 3 rds even. repeat dec rd and following 3 rds of straight knitting 8 times until you have 74 sts left.

k until piece measures 12.5” from co edge.

on next rd, k10, bo17, k10, sm, k10, bo17, k10, sm; next rd – k10, co 17 using backwards loop method, k10, sm, k10, co17 using backwards loop method, k10.

knit above handle opening for 3”. bo all stitches. sew in ends using tapestry needle. turn bag inside out; with cc yarn sew bottom of bag using mattress stitch or whip stitch.

i have really good results in my washing machine using dawn dishwashing liquid. i use the lowest water setting and a hot water wash cycle with a cold water rinse cycle. some suggest not letting your machine spin when felting. i always let the machine spin and i also put most of my felted items in the dryer. this purse, however, will dry very well flat on a dry towel.

here is a picture of the bag before felting:

see that little bit of orange at the very top of the handle? that's where i ran out of the main color of the malabrigo, got too lazy to rip out the last two rows so i could have enough to cast off with, couldn't find yarn harlot's instructions for binding off without using any yarn and decided to use some of this yarn instead. of course i knew that it would felt at a different rate than the malabrigo. it ended up okay...not great, but okay. i felted the bag twice so it's extra dense. (there's a joke in there somewhere...ya know, all, "i like my felted bags like i like my men -- dense")

please note, these instructions have been knit ONE time...not test knit by anyone other than myself, and i may not have the nomenclature or abbreviations down, although i do think a medium/beginning knitter could figure them out. please e-mail me using the button above if you want these instructions in a Word document. and let me know if you make this bag...and please send pics that i will post.

have a great weekend, wool-ites!


Becky said...

wowza!!!!! i'll make one...
congratulations on your 1st pattern!
love, Becky
and just fyi- the word verification for this is
u heeb u

(not very politically correct!)

Jane said...

Could you link the colors that you used, please? It looks like maroon and orange--Virginia Tech Hokie colors! If so, would you consider selling this one to me? (or making another)


p.s. do you still have the earrings that I wanted?

heidi said...


i can't find a website that has links to the individual malabrigo colors. i believe the brown (it is actually more brown than marroon) i used was color 181, marron oscuro. the main color is peach tree. i actually sold it to a co-worker in my office on friday, right after i took that picture.

earrings? i don't remember which pair or set you had your eye on. i actually don't really have any earrings in stock right now. jewelry has fallen to the wayside due to my newest creative obsession, wool and sticks.


sf said...

haha if only i was here to post my photo of something i ever knitted in this life!

i did ask santa last year if he could sneak in a retroactive knitting gene to someone already fully-formed. the answer was a hearty ho ho ho, no no no!


Jane said...

:-( (kidding!!)
I guess I just need to learn to knit, then! I have all the stuff, just a hard time figuring it.

Re: earrings--they were one of the "convertible" sets in purple or maroon. Just in case you had put them aside, somewhere.

p.s. the verification word is:
vozwa--kind of like Yowza--that sure is a gorgeous bag.