Thursday, January 17, 2008

it was so odd...

last night i arrived home from knitting, changed into my jammies and plopped down on the couch to knit with some of lesley's new handspun yarn, eat ice cream, and watch cashmere mafia.

but before all of that can begin i can tell, from nathaniel's room i am being beckoned. in the background, behind his itunes music is what sounds like a podcast from a teen girl website. he's not logged on to the internet and there are no icons on his desktop that tell us what this is or where it came from. of course, it's a virus. thankfully, the virus scan finds whatever little file was causing the weird girl-talk.

while i tried to figure this out though i was half-listening to the podcast. i ever glad i'm not in middle school or high school anymore. to think i EVER thought about what boys thought about what i wore or how my hairdo affected my likeability factor. ick.

then i went into the living room to catch up on the show...only to be confronted with the reality check that all of the gals on "mafia" were concerned with what boys thought about what they wore and how their hairdo affected their likeability factor.

no, we really have not come a long way, baby.

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