Friday, June 06, 2008

a little notebook...

i carry a little notebook in my purse. it always comes in handy. remembering to jot down something i need from the store on my way home, writing down someone's phone number, or an idea that pops into my head.

lately, though, it's been about lists.

lists of things that need to be cleaned or straightened.

lists of things that need to be repaired around the pod.

lists of fun things to do with kelly this summer since it's just the two of us now.

and there's another list but this one's just been living in my head and if i don't get them all down they're going to flit away like a daydream you almost forgot to remember...a list of all the things i want to learn how to make. an apron. a shirtwaist dress. a pair of summer pajamas (shortened though to capri length), a pair of linen capris (i know how to sew, but i want to sew smarter...actually take my measurements and figure out the correct fit BEFORE i start cutting into the fabric and, oh yeah, i want to learn to sew knits. has anyone used this book? i want a hoodie, and to make some tees.)

oh, and i also want to paint some large canvases for my walls and paint a mural above my headboard and make some new felt pieces and my head's full of ideas for new jewelry.

my mojo has been mysteriously missing, people. and now that it's back, i need to get crackin'.


Becky said...

i actually looked for the capri pants far, no luck.
glad you are back to bloggin'.
l, m

Jenaveve said...

Wow - you've just described the place I am in! My mojo had taken a holiday at some point and is back with a vengeance. My schedule hasn't changed any though, so not sure when I'm supposed to make time for the mojo... but I do want to get crackin' on some painted canvases, an apron and some cushion/pillow covers... among other things... among Everything!

Linda said...

wow, an ambitious list! i'll definately want to see those canvases- i've always thought about doing some of those. i've seen them covered in coodinating fabrics and i heart that! you go, girl! linda

Anonymous said...

Heidi --I am trying to track you down! Steve and I are coming in for a visit with all our kids on Sunday -- we will stay until Thursday. We would love to see you guys! email me at