Tuesday, June 13, 2006

seek and ye shall find...

nathaniel had a grade school teacher who used to ask her kids to seek out and find their passion. i know--odd request of 5th graders, but it is a very valuable question. one better asked sooner than later, in my opinion.

i'm sure the reason i feel it's such an important question is because i have yet to find my passion. let me restate that--i've found what makes me happy, but i haven't worked out a way to pay my bills doing it. i know lots of folks who are doing it and doing it very well (hi mb and kim!), but i, personally, haven't worked it out yet.

i love to create. to make stuff out of nothing or old cast-off bits of something, makes me smile. i enjoy the hunt for the perfect bit of vintage paper to add to a card i'm making. i like to turn bits of wire and pieces of glass into jewelry. my ideal outfit is one i've made from scratch or taken from someone else's rag pile and turned into something no one else has ever worn.

i have a very difficult time categorizing what it is i DO. and there are others who are popping up who have a similar aesthetic to mine and tend towards the same types of creating i do, but they don't feel the need to categorize themselves (that must be the boring virgo side of me...anxious to box things, analyze and investigate). sometimes it is best just to BE.

because of this failure to focus, though, my artistic to-do list looks like i've taken a page from an ADHD fiber fiend:

**make a felt doll and journal to accompany said doll on round robin journey (we're supposed
to start on june 15!)
**finish knitted pink cupcake
**finish other neopolitan colorway sock
**work on and finish the purple monstrosity sweater (knit from this pattern)
**make two small felted zipper bags (i haven't forgotten you angelica, honest)
**make father's day cards
**sew tote bags for "fun"
**make some headbands
**paint the bedroom and a shelf behr's river's edge
**start to work on my mother's 6oth birthday present (not 'til november, but it's out there!)
**make a kick-a _ _ care package for nathaniel who is leaving for 3 weeks of camp in less than 2 weeks (how can i top the book i made for him last year?)

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JUST ME said...

don't worry.... When you get a chance will be great.....I understand....

Don't worry be happy... Easier said then done right....

you take care and I check out your blog all the time....

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

love, Angelica