Thursday, August 17, 2006

the culprit...

dear stargazer lily...

you are so beautiful, nestled inside my anniversary bouquet. your dottie center offsets the pink lusciousness of your wide open petals magnificently.

but may i please ask you one, very personal, question?

why, oh why, do you smell like death and funeral parlors and old lady, and worse yet -- a house of ill repute? your overwhelming scent is about ready to send me into fits of coughing and my co-worker has shut her office door because she doesn't want a migraine induced by your showy fragrance.

in the future, please try to temper your application of perfume -- this is an office setting after all and no one should be olfactorily assaulted each time they enter my cubicle. for heaven's sake, girlfriend, try to show a bit of restraint and decorum next time.

your nauseous friend

1 comment:

Karyl said...

...and, my friend, how do you know that a house of ill-repute smells like lilies??? :-)

I hate these flowers in bouquets and usually rip them out, if it's not going to ruin "the look"!