Wednesday, August 23, 2006

it's all clear now...

i am addicted to project runway. "how?" you ask, "are you addicted to a cable show, queenie, if you don't have cable?" ahhh, dear reader. the answer is simple--blockbuster.

kelly and i have spent the last three evenings watching season two on dvd. it is amazing that heidi klum can say, "you are either in or you're out," so many times in a four hour period! granted, if i was watching this show weekly instead of rat-a-tat-tat in a row, those words wouldn't seem so tired each time they're uttered.

but that's neither here nor there...i'm here to talk about foundation.

yes, you read that right. the designers create fabulous outfits each week, but what i'm most in awe of is the airbrush foundation applicators used on the models. now i know why my foundation NEVER looks perfect--i do not own an airbrush make-up applicator.

isn't it convenient to blame my lack of expensive equipment as the reason i don't look like a model? oh, yeah, and the fact that the models are young enough to be my daughters has not a thing to do with their exquisite skintone and complexion.

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MB Shaw said...

I am hopelessly addicted too! Just love the show. Claire and I have been watching it together because it's so much fun to make comments throughout. And thank goodness for Tivo because we have to back up when we miss something (due to our talking tee hee hee).