Thursday, March 23, 2006

14 days is a long time...

and there are no good excuses for not posting for two weeks. however, there are a million and one little reasons why i haven't been a more conscientious blogger, below are just a few:

***my son has turned 16 and it has, quite frankly, turned me inside out with emotion. his steps toward independence (which is, of course, what i want for him) have led me to look at the very near future and what my world will look like when he no longer lives in our home. it is a future filled with promise, free-time and endless possibilities. i just didn't think the future would arrive so quickly!

***big changes at my workplace and in my job. most of the changes are good. some of them are sad and involve someone close to me taking an exciting career jump that leaves me missing her terribly. the day seems long without a good friend to work beside.

***i was mentally preparing for my 3-month oncology follow-up appointment. the report was superb--my cancer markers remain low and my health is tip top. but the thought of going to that office and talking about something i'd rather forget, puts me in a funk for at least a fortnight. more good news--i have passed a milestone and now only need to visit the oncologist every 6 months! yay, me!

***an anonymous comment to a past post made me examine why i write here. blogging has allowed me to form friendships with people i was previously just acquaitanted with. this venue has afforded me the opportunity to stay connected with people who, like me, have full lives but are able to check-in via the internet with those we care about. this is a place to make me feel a part of a larger caring community, not disconnected or distressed. i do not have the desire to toughen up my skin to withstand anonymous comments from strangers. i am an open person and this blog will remain open to all readers and open to all comments. however, all anonymous comments will automatically be deleted...good or bad. whether someone thinks i'm inane or absurd, brilliant or gifted is inconsequential. but they should at least have the courtesy and the courage to reveal their identity...because the comments feature is meant to open a dialogue. if that ability is not honored, then what's the point?


Jane said...

You Rock, Heidi!
Love ya, toots!

Karyl said...

Welcome back, Heidi Sue!

Good news from the oncologist, too. Yea!

JUST ME said...


glad your back... I've been checking in.........

have a good one,


firstborn studio said...

i have missed you terribly!
i am growing so weary of mean-spirited people and have given wayyy to much of my serenity and valuable peace of mind to them as of is an unfortunate fact of life...mean people suck uot loud!
i am sooo happy you are in tip top condition...i pray for that!
time to get together...i will send details of an impending gathering soon!
love you,

MB Shaw said...

I am so glad to hear of your positive health report, woo hoo for that! You've got a lot going on.
Hugs, chica, take care.