Thursday, March 09, 2006

on the street where you live...

first, the shoppe has been updated! earrings and felted flower pins. enjoy!

oh, yeah, and e-mail me if you're interested in anything.

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i went in late to work on monday...damn the change in weather and it's migraine-inducing powers. i was sorry to get caught up in the later hour's morning commute traffic, but it did afford me the opportunity to get a glimpse of a favorite neighborhood couple.

they are in their late 60's--maybe early 70's. they take a morning constitutional every day. they both walk on the sidewalk, but on opposite sides of the street. the husband is a slower walker than the wife, so he is usually about 10 paces behind her. i have never heard them engage in conversation with one another. but they are so obviously together...because it happens every day.

when kelly and i go for our evening walks, we are blabbering the entire time. when we go out to dinner, there is never a lull in our conversation. we talk on the phone numerous times throughout the day. perhaps we're the exception and other couples who've been together for 20 years have a difficult time staying connected with their words, but we've never found that to be a challenge.

all i'm saying is this...i always want to walk on the same side of the street with kelly and hold his hand.

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