Wednesday, March 01, 2006


since my surgery i haven't really liked to wear pantyhose. not that i liked to wear pantyhose before, but the incision site from my surgery was really irritated by the waistband of pantyhose. tights were okay and undergarments okay too. but pantyhose were strictly out of the question. waaaay too constricting. but, as most ladies will attest, there are times when it is not a tights kind of outfit and going bare legged is inappropriate as well. yesterday was one of those days. most days i rock the brown 60's style side zip boots, but we've been on a warm-up here in the midwest and it was slated to be nearly 70 degrees. boots would be a bit, well, sweaty. so i picked out some velveteen high heeled mary janes...funky girl meets office chic. the legs though are not yet tanned (or "faux rub on tanned", as i have sworn off the sun). the question remained, what type of leg covering to go for. i pawed through the sock drawer and pulled out a pair of thigh high hose. not the kind you wear with a garter belt, but the kind that have the ever so odd rib of clear silicon that holds the hose up like magic...or so the package claimed. on one trip from my desk to the ladies room i noticed that my left leg felt very exposed. so exposed that by the time i arrived at said restroom, the stocking was hunched down around my ankle.

apparently, the last time i bought thigh high hosiery i weighed 30 pounds more than i do now. hence: skinnier thighs + too big thigh high hosiery = unequaled embarassment as co-worker strides through information technology (read "all guy department") area on way to restroom.

self-tanner aisle, here i come.


Becky said...

did you ever read highlights for kids? they had that section called "was my face red!" and kids could write in their most embarrassing moments! i used to love that mag and that section.

firstborn studio said...

i am getting a visual here...bunchy,nude fabric around your ankles could be a look you know!
but i am sympathetic to your dilema!
thanks for the smile on my face!
p.s.i adored highlights for kids...goofus and gallant were my fave..ew and the timbertoes!