Monday, June 11, 2007

he dressed himself...

a dad, teenaged daughter and kindergarden-aged son emerge from the grocery store on a sunny, late afternoon. the boy is wearing rain boots, knit shorts, and a pajama shirt. dude is obviously prepared for whatever the world has in store from him. you go, little guy!

and dad? my hat's off to you too. in my early parenthood i would have tried to micro-manage him out of the top...time has taught me many things, one of which is, "style is not up for negotiation, mom."

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Becky said...

oh if you could have seen the fab outfits Kelly used to wear- she went thru a period where if it was pink- it matched, or if it was striped, it matched--did not matter if the stripes on top and on the bottom were entirely diff...or if the pinks had nothing in common other than you could call them pink...same for dots, greens, blues, was always a beautiful day in the neighborhood.