Tuesday, June 05, 2007

secret? what secret?

i found a journal i had begun, first in november 2002 and then took up again in january 2005, right after my run in with the "c" word. i read a few pages. i was quite clearly working through some issues. some of the issues were "wow, i can't believe i had cancer" related; but many of them were everyday life issues, contemplating living each day with intention and purpose. not unlike what i've been thinking about lately.

what really caught my eye, though, was on my mondo beyondo list (a suggestion i got from andrea). one of the items on the list was, "own a vintage VW and paint a crown on the side or the top." wow! it's like i worked the secret even before i knew there was a secret because 5 months later i became the proud owner of a 1965 bubblegum pink VW squareback station wagon.

so, does that really mean the secret works and that just by putting my wishes out into the universe that it brought the VW to me? or does that mean that folks who believe in the secret are more likely to attribute any remote coincidences to the secret?

editor's note: after i wrote the above i read this. which made me wonder all 100th monkey-like if there are lots of folks questioning how the secret works. what are your thoughts on the secret?


Becky said...

i hate to admit that i have latched on to this mainstream book- lordy even paris uh hilton was photographed carrying it (bible-like) as tho it would save her- my view is that if anything forces you to look more closely at your (negative) thought patterns, what would be the harm? in fact, there could only be good. imho...

MB Shaw said...

I've been using similar techniques for years and definitely believe in "the secret" or whatever you care to call it. What I don't believe in is simply magical thinking. I believe you must follow your thoughts with action and put yourself in position for things to happen. Make sense?

Did you hear the Ditty Bops are going to be at Mad Art again? Aug. 23rd. I'll be there, hope to see you too!!