Thursday, February 02, 2006

groundhog day...

i've been in hibernation mode for the past week and am sticking my head out to see if there will be 6 more weeks of winter. this winter has been the wussiest one ever, with hardly any snow and 60 degree days. it's enough to put a winter lover in a real funk. i think that's what is happening this week...not enough cold weather which means not enough reasons to put on a big bulky sweater and snuggle with a good book and a cup of coffee with cream. makes me feel sad and wistful for the winters of my childhood. once it snowed 12 inches overnight and the entire city was out of commission for two days. all the neighbors around us helped each other shovel their walks and driveways. the kids rejoiced because we got two snow days and my mother made potato pancakes and chili. i keep hoping for even one day snowy enough that we all have to stay home, but i'm not holding my breath.

and to prove my love of winter weather, i offer this picture of... my dining room chandelier...decorated in hopes that the snowflake theme will bring giant droopy snowflakes.

and on a "hey, this is so weird, i just have to ask" kind of way...there was a comment left on my entry unexpected differences from someone named chris who said they had a baby grand piano and no furniture in their living room. and the person who left this comment has the same name as the person to whom i was referring. if you visit this blog again, chris, please let me know if you're the same chris who i dated in high school. if not, maybe all the chris-es i am destined to know will have had baby grand pianos and no living room furniture, but i find that very unlikely.


lindaharre said...

I thought of you this morning as those big white flakes were falling on my windshield! Your wish was granted! Linda:-)

Anonymous said...

It's me. You can "google" me in Portland, Oregon. Let's catch up.