Friday, February 10, 2006

studio friday...fear

today's challenge is to show what frightens us most...creatively, speaking, that is.

and here it is. no, it's not laundry, it's a pile of work. sweaters to be felted and felted sweaters ready to be cut into bags and bags that are already cut out ready to be sewn and embellished. it seems like the larger the mound of sweaters, the more daunting the entire process is. add this to the fact that my lower level studio (see the laundry hanging in the background?) is a year-round 60 degrees and the creative process really gets bogged down. not to mention that i put this out there and then the fear compounds upon fear. it's about confidence and rejection and a bunch of other pop psychology issues i'm sure many other artists deal with every day. time to confront the fear and push on through to the other side, don't you think?

see the fears of other artists here.


kelly said...

you can do it chickie!

Joy Eliz said...

You are braver than you think -And your the queen!

Tine said...

You can do it!
Just do it one by one. Or one a day and before you know it that pile is gone!!! You are almost there already!

Ellen said...

I'm grateful to you for sharing your fear. It looks a lot like mine, and seeing yours makes me feel less alone!

Carrie said...

I agree with the others - you WILL conquer! Crank up some good tunes and go for it!

JUST ME said...

I do see the fear in this picture, but I closed my eyes and saw all those beautiful purses you will be creating.

firstborn studio said...

hi sweet girl!
no fear....beautifulwonderfuloriginalfunkycool heidi art!

no pressure allowed!


steph said...

looks like home! I have fabric piles for quilts, as opposed to sweaters. you can do it! aat least you don't have to acquire more :)

Hanna said...

it's strange that the more we work we have on our list the less we do. I'm the same. But sometimes it help to hide the pile and bring out the ONE thing you will finish this week end. that brings back the fun and takes away the stree. try it.

thanks for commenting in my blog too!