Tuesday, February 07, 2006

spt...learning to accept

february 1992...me and my nose

i have never liked my nose. in grade school the mean kids called me eagle beak. in this picture, my sister caught me in a rare profile view. i usually avoid this at all costs. pictures are head on or not at all. i've flirted with the idea of a nose job; but after so many surgeries, the idea of electing to go under the knife seems ridiculous to me. besides, this is the nose of my mother, of my grandfather and many of my relatives before me. how can i deny my heritage by changing the way i look?

other self portrait tuesday photos are here.

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lindaharre said...

I love your nose! It is like a Roman nose and adds such stong quality to your face! We should be proud of how we look and not worry about some children's mean comments. We have gotten sooooooo far from beauty with all this surgery.....everyone wants to look alike! How boring, don't you think? I will now get off my soapbox! Linda:-)