Friday, February 17, 2006


is not what we heard on wednesday night when we attended the ursuline vs. nerinx basketball game. these two all girl catholic high schools have an age old rivalry, so it was "on like donkey kong" wednesday night. imagine hundreds of girls dressed up in their school colors, crazy outfits, outrageous hairdos, a giant bear wearing a school girl skirt, and rock concert noise levels. that image will only represent a fraction of the excitement that happened in that gym. my ears were humming on the car ride home. did i mention that it was crazy loud and that they had t-shirt tosses (of t-shirts specially made for this ONE game)? and did i mention how much i wanted one of those t-shirts, because i'm a freak like that? coming from a high school at which school spirit was high, this was nothing in comparison. those girls cheered themselves hoarse. in addition to three basketball games (freshman, JV and varsity) there was a half time show with dancing.

the cutest redhead in the world is who we came to see...she's at the very end on the left in the front row. oh yeah, did i tell you it was LOUD?

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