Monday, July 31, 2006


went to see the fantastic ditty bops on friday night at mad art gallery and all i can say is, "WOW." maid*rite opened for them and although i've seen them many times before, they were so ON friday night. could it have been the palpable energy in the room? (note to self, get one of those fun/funny (if not completely off-color) maid*rite t-shirts!)

art hung all around for the next evening's event and featured a great piece by girlfriend, mary beth (who was also there to see the ditty bops), i met robin (so cute!) from art st. louis, hugged chris from red lead and was glad to catch up with claire even though her sitting at the end of the row prevented us from being able to have a real conversation...instead we semi-yelled funny quips to one another between acts.

there were fire jugglers on the patio after the show and a slew of bicycles transformed into a myriad of creatures (a rubber ducky and a camel are the two that stick out in my memory). "where, oh where, was your camera?" you ask? at home in my bookbag...for it wouldn't fit into my stylish vintage red patent leather handbag, of course.

amanda and abby, the bops that put the zing in my step, sang their hearts out despite the fact that they had ridden their bikes 65 miles in the sweltering missouri july heat that very same day, not to mention amanda had been bitten by a dog and aunt flo came to visit. couldn't have been less aware so cool was their demeanor. their sweet voices rang out so clear and pure as though they were angels from heaven. do i gush? well, it is well-deserved praise. so fab were they, that i was tempted to drive to springfield, illinois for their concert last night, but i thought that bordered on stalker-ish, no? i have had to satisfy myself my humming my fave ditty bops ditty, wake up.

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