Thursday, July 20, 2006

when the weather suits you not...

try smiling...that's how my tag line reads above. well, the weather does not suit and it may be increasingly difficult to smile as temps soar above 100 degrees and we remain without power. not to mention, my coffee isn't hot as the coffee pot doesn't work without the electricity. thank goodness for starbucks!

i write today, dear blog-reader, from the comfort of my air conditioned office. however, i may not sleep at my office and hotel rooms are booked within a 100 mile radius. what's a delicate flower (like the queen here) to do?

lightning and a tree limbs knocked out the power right in my front yard last night. at the height of the storm, winds topped 90 miles per hour. by the time we realized that the problem was widespread (and not just our block alone) grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations with power were inundated with customers. it was quite an evening. and the electric company says it may be four or five days before power is restored. i repeat, what's a delicate flower to do?

temps are predicted to drop after this evening. however, please cross your fingers for the elderly, disabled and ill who need electricity and services right away. i hope that help is on the way for them, in one form or another.

until there's a brighter forecast for the st. louis peeps, here's a pretty picture to distract you from what troubles you...

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Becky said...

if i had had any power, i would have written-
are we having fun yet?