Monday, July 24, 2006

still no power...

i feel like the title of my post is apropos in more ways than one.

yes, dear reader, the electric power is still lacking at the wallace household. but we are now the proud owners of two (yes, TWO) battery-operated fans (WHO KNEW?) and a battery-operated camp lantern. new york times crosswords by lantern light is a lovely way to pass a summer's evening. i've also invested in a french press coffee carafe (the queen has to have her a.m. coffee). the new fashioned coffee is quite delish and the queen may never go back.

we are quite lucky that our stove/oven is gas and of an era when there was no such animal as an electric start. our water heater, also, gas. so we can cook and take a warm shower, but to tell the truth there is not any cooking going on as the fridge is completely empty after the great black-out purge of '06. gosh, the trashcans ate well this week. goodbye, groceries!

i can't imagine wanting to eat out again for the remainder of this year as i have sampled all the culinary treasures this fine city has to offer. i long for the days of smooth, cool, plain yogurt, or maybe a homemade iced tea with ice i made in my very own freezer. ooo la fancy i would feel.

honestly, this whole thing is laughable and just plain inconvenient, but not too terribly bad. i'm not elderly, or physically challenged, or in need of home medical treatment requiring power, or homebound in some way. i can drive my pretty car and purchase anything i desire (except for D-cell batteries on saturday night) to make me more comfortable so i have it just fine. i can catch up on my reading, knitting, crafting, letter-writing, snuggle by candlelight on the couch with my sweetie, listen to the radio shows i like (thank goodness for "this american life" on NPR last night) and i can sleep in relative comfort in my own home.

so, maybe once the power does finally go back on in my neighborhood, i will keep the lights turned off, windows raised, thermostat set at a balmy 85 and forget that the television works.

we'll see...check back with me in 3 days...see where i stand on this then.

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MB Shaw said...

You have a terrific attitude!! Kind of "when life gives you lemons" thinking. I applaud your approach, but it still sucks that you remain without power.....I simply can't believe it is taking so long!