Monday, November 06, 2006

dollar store costume...

during the workaday week, i dress for my role--assistant to the v.p.--conservative, dress slacks, blouses, skirts and mary janes.

on the weekend though, i'm funky girl. for example, on saturday i was wearing fushia patterned tights under my brown leggings, a vintage pink/yellow/cream/brown plaid mini-skirt and a long-sleeved pink crew neck tee under a short sleeve creamy tee with a vintage barbie fashion drawing. during chillier moments, i had on a cream shrug fastened with a oversized safety pin. shoes? my favorite brown clogs.

yesterday i had on black clogs, black cableknit tights, a vintage flouncy black skirt with lime green and lavendar polka dots. on top was a long sleeve black crew neck tee with a slim fit green sweater vest trimmed with lavendar. not an outfit ripped from the pages of vogue, but it definitely earned style points.

i went to the dollar store pretty early yesterday morning. i can blame a tiny misunderstanding i had with the check out girl on my lack of coffee intake, but when that was politely cleared up, i heard her comment to the customer behind me, "and did you see what she was wearing?"

everyone is entitled to their opinion, but must we, all of us, give voice to them all of the time? is the lesson of "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all," no longer taught in school? or more appropriately, at home?

i'm a big girl and my feelings weren't hurt. because, let's me honest, i don't wear my "get-ups" to melt into the background. they're meant to be noticed. that would be like saying i got my face pierced nineteen times and i'll be offended if anyone makes comments about that fact. but, people, at least wait until i'm out of earshot.


maggiegracecreates said...

I too wear a slightly conservative getup during the day. But I have had red spiked hair to go with it.

Thanks for visiting maggiegrace. It is so nice to know people are out there.

I am glad your children are okay. My Molly is just starting to drive nad that is frightening for me.
Have a beautiful day.

Becky said...

next time you hit the DS be sure you have on your lilac, polyester pullon pants and a teddy bear sweatshirt. (and if we want to be really bitchy- don't forget the Toni home perm) sure fire way to make it out unscathed-

JUST ME said...

I tooooo and still do dress up kind of funky sometimes. When I was younger I loved shopping at the thrift store for my ripped men jeans and my oversized men suit jackets. I would then dress them up with flowers. I always wore my hair kind of wild. I also had a great pair of black leather boots that looked like they chopped of the tip because they had a sqaure front... I wore black all the time and just enjoyed being so free. I also have a job where now I have to dress up, but sometimes in that dress code I add a funky pin or a logn necklace or some funky socks... That is just part of me and I say go for it girl...

Who cares what people think.. BE U.