Friday, November 10, 2006

the taller they are...

i worked late at the office last night.

on my way back from the copier to my desk, i fell down. not the kind of falling down where you trip a bit and catch yourself and look over your shoulder to see if anyone saw you, but the kind of falling down where you go ass over head and end up splayed out on the floor with a bewildered look on your face.

this morning i woke up with two sore knees and crick in my neck and a lifetime's worth of embarassment, because, did i forget to mention? i fell down in front of two attorneys i work for? oh, yea, that was definitely the way to win their respect.

i can't tell you why i fell my vertigo coming back? am i turning super klutzy in my advancing years? did my high heel get caught in my cuff?

i took today off...not REALLY because i fell down...but that is an extra added bonus.

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fringes said...

Sorry about your fall, but I'll bet the day off was worth it!