Thursday, November 16, 2006

pricing must now begin...

no, not pricing the typewriter, but my purses, brooches and more. my inventory list is filled in and the items are all made (okay, almost all made),
which means that this weekend...the commencment of the typing of the tags!
and this is one of the most hands-on intensive steps in my process as the tags i make often have as much work in them as the products they go on. but the tags are so much fun to make! the pricing portion of the show is always a crazy inner dialogue wherein i tell myself that my work is valuable and the prices should reflect the work entailed in making each piece and then the other side of me says that i am alienating my customer base by charging too much. and how do you objectively determine the dollar value associated with something you pore your blood, sweat and tears into?
see? it's going to be a neck-tension-y good time, no?

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