Saturday, November 04, 2006

kidz lit...

i ate dinner next to a roaring fire tonight. kelly commented that prehistoric man was lucky to discover wood and it's long-burning ability. which made me think about the long winter by laura ingalls wilder, in which mrs. wilder recounts the tale of the winter her family spent huddled in their home on the prairie, grinding wheat seed to make bread and twisting and braiding stalks of hay so that the hay wouldn't burn too fast.

i love that book...and all the little house books,

and the indian in the cupboard series,

and the borrowers books,

and the wizard of oz books,

and the narnia books,

and the harry potter books.

there are so many books that i got a chance to enjoy again or read for the very first time because we shared them with nathaniel and read them out loud. that is a gift that our children give us...the opportunity to re-visit the best parts of our childhoods and revel in the brightest, warmest memories. even a blazing fire doesn't keep me that warm.

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Becky said...

here, here- and if you get yourself a grandchild (later!) you can do it all over again.