Friday, October 28, 2005

back tack ii-the big reveal...

melissa of two loops, please avert your eyes if you don't want to have the surprise spoiled.

here's a picture of the contents of the "kit" put together to satisfy melissa's secret crafting desire...crewel embroidery.

included are clockwise from top left: tao of tea "refresh", a vintage crewel pillow i unearthed on a not-so-recent thrifting trip, thread for the sublime stitching kit pictured below right, some of my handmade/sewn fabric cards, embroidery scissors inside a scissor keeper i made to match the felted bag, sublime stitching embroidery transfer patterns (i think they're a chinese motif), a vintage little girl dress pattern from my extensive collection (melissa has a toddler daughter), and the much coveted, crewel embroidery kit from wool and hoop!

...and the bag! my newest passion, recycled felted sweater bags. melissa loves earthtones, so i tried to oblige. hope i didn't go overboard with the earthtones?!

i feel like i could have done so much more for poor melissa! i've included things i would want if i were receiving a kit, but then i always think i could do more and should do more. the disease to please afflicts many of us artistic types, doesn't it? i just hope she enjoys it. i liked playing along.

can't wait to see what my secret buddy sends me!


sharon wisely said...

All of it..Fabulous..Are you going to make more of these felted purses..PRAYING that you do..I want one.. REAL BAD..let me know.

firstborn studio said...

dear ultra~talented heidi!
melissa will be amazed & delighted with each goodie you so thoughtfully gathered...the bag,my friend,is reallllly the fabest,that felting stuff is so great!
thanks for laying it all out,so that i may drewel(rythmes with crewel!)

Becky said...

looks like you pulled it out of the bag! lucky melissa!

Kidney Bean Karyl said...

Want bag now!!!

Jade said...

It's really great - the bag is devine!