Monday, October 24, 2005


my friend sharon tagged me to list 5 women who have inspired me artistically. so here goes, in no particular order...
  1. martha--come on, she may be a witch, but she is an inspirational one. i've stolen so many ideas from her, i can't even count them all!
  2. karyl--this woman is like the army--she does more before 6 a.m. than most of us do all day. she taught me how to bind a book, and how to fold a box and everything in between.
  3. chris & sharon--these ladies introduced me to the entire world of "art" as i know it. i didn't know nothin' 'bout no embossing powder (why can't i do it over my toaster? or over the burner on my stove?), they gave me my first xyron pen, they've sold me every ink pad i've ever owned and i still cannot leave their FABULOUS store without something in my clutches. i am also lucky to call them my friends.
  4. kate--kate taught me how to properly wire a pearl, how to properly string a bracelet and how to square stitch. she's a dynamo and my role model for artists who are doing it for themselves.
  5. grammie--she taught me how to embroider, sew and quilt and most importantly, how to make fried potatoes. she grew up in the depression and her thrifty ways enabled me to see everyday items as possible art. there's nothing she can't build herself or do cheaper. she was thrift-ing before it was cool. she showed me the value of taking pride in your work. at 84, she's still learning and teaching herself how to do tasks she didn't know how to do before. she's an inventor and an awesome cook. i'm blessed to have learned so much at her knee.

there are so many other women who i have learned so much from and feel inspired by, it was difficult to limit my list to just five. maybe i'll get tagged again and be able to expand my list.


sharon wisely said...

Hey Heidi..It really made my day to see our names on your inspired list. Thanks for your kind words and FYI..I haven't forgot about the Amy Butler patterns!

Karyl said...

I am just plain HONORED to be on your list, Heidi! Thank you!