Wednesday, October 05, 2005

hey you sew and sew...

i've been thoroughly enjoying denyse schmidt's book quilts. i used a technique featured therein to make my atc (artist trading card) donation to the breast cancer fundraiser at red lead. i am also in the process of making a series of note cards with the same technique. for those quilters out there, it is similar to foundation piecing, but instead of a piece of muslin, you use card stock. to me the results are charming, simple, but have a very modern feeling to them. definitely my type of aesthetic. really enjoying the process and that is so satisfying.

per my friend becky's recommendation, i purchased four skeins of yarn from target. the yarn was in their dollar bins and is quite lovely--all eyelash-y in shades of light gold, mauve and blue. in the same spot were bamboo knitting needles. i saw both yarn and needles a few weeks ago and was awaiting becky's thumbs-up before i jumped in and bought them, but as a result only the skinniest and fattest needles were left. i opted for the fattest ones since i tend to be a super-tight knitter. now i have the goods and the desire, but motivation is lagging. i am wont to start another project just to have it languish on my craft table for months (or years. yes, years my dears--i swear i ALWAYS have the best of intentions--ALWAYS!) i suppose it is proper to complete my back tack ii project before undertaking anything new. but when, dear reader, have i ever done what is proper?

which reminds me that today at lunch i am planning a field trip to jackman's fabrics to scope out their amy butler pattern supplies. wish me luck! this is a covert operation.


Becky said...

oh lordy- i clicked on that amy butler link and had to quickly get OUT, lest i spend 19 hours coming up with another project to do or just something else to BUY! holy cow. what purses! what fabrics! i am serious, i actually started to get tight in the chest. so, after this sew and sew test is over and of course i have passed---then we will get together- OK?

sharon wisely said...

I wanna make that cafe apron REAL BAD!! Chris and I have talked about stocking those patterns at the store..what do you think?