Thursday, October 13, 2005

time away...

i've decided to take a few days away from my office to reassess, you know all the existential b.s. that people think about after they turn 40!

honestly, i'm not that deep. (i know some of you don't have a difficult time wrapping your mind around that admission.) but there are bunches of projects i want to tackle and complete before the feelings of overwhelm creep in ivy-like and wrap their sneaky tendrils around my spirit. those emotions tend to paralyze me creatively and not spur me on to accomplish more, so i must nip that in the bud.

on another semi-related note...

the reality of planning the saturday monday sale is hitting home. writing two checks for the venue yesterday resulted in a bit of chest tightening, but nothing i didn't anticipate beforehand. kelly accuses me of jumping in with both feet and then realizing i don't know how to tread water. luckily, this time i jumped in with a life preserver! and the water doesn't threaten to go over my head as i have an extensive support network for this undertaking. can't help but feel though, that since i'm responsible for this event, that i have to overachieve, a feat at which i am very accomplished. once again, the support system is there and i must call on it when necessary. i'm not the best at asking for help, so i'm going to try really hard to develop that skill.

on a creativity-related note...

i have had so many ideas floating around in my head that i finally committed them to paper! some of them are: new pearl bracelet/necklace/earring ideas, fabulous back tack ii bag idea (thanks to the new book alter knits), batik ideas ala becky, and more fabric ideas than i can credit properly here. i have my work cut out for me in the next seven days. a week away from the workaday grind will recharge my batteries and get me ahead of the game.

oh, and by the way, go cards!

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