Friday, December 09, 2005

guess who's turning 16 tomorrow...

a special "best" friend of mine whose name begins with "a" and ends with "a" that's who! this is a tiny bit of the purse i made especially for her. below the flower are over 200 handsewn sequins held on with vintage hot pink seed beads. it was a labor of love.

this was after numerous failed attempts at felting first a mis-marked acrylic sweater and then a "washable" wool sweater i had spent considerable time hand dying to get the perfect shade of aqua. in the end, i had to manage with the next best thing...a bold blue sweater that felted into a tiny bit of purse-y goodness. thank you, crafting goddesses, for having pity on me and making this last attempt the best one of the bunch! let's just hope the mystery girl loves it!


Becky said...

you are truly the felt queen. i wear my pins every day and can not part with a single one.

firstborn studio said...

i,too,cannot part with these gifts,that were meant to be for others...they{all 3} belong to me!
i know without a doubt that a will flip for this!