Wednesday, December 21, 2005

there is no way of knowing....

...which direction we are going.

do you remember those lines from the boat song in "willy wonka and the chocolate factory?" wow, gene wilder was scary in that movie, but, oh so good!

i don't know what direction i'm going this morning. the list for the holiday is growing and time is running out. i still have a number (try 5-7) gifts to finish up before saturday night. this and still work a 9-5 each day. i'm definitely not complaining, but holy canoli, a girl sure can get tired!

last night we went and saw nathaniel in the band holiday concert. it was great. he was in a trio that performed "simple gifts," the quaker hymn, which not only took me back over 20 years to my days at earlham but choked me up a bit. the song is so succinct and melancholy in parts, it truly evoked a bit of the holiday spirit in me. lately i'd started to believe my grinch-y heart had shrunken two sizes.

today is our office holiday lunch. afterwards we're going to play pool at this pool tables. coulda place be any more up my alley? i wore my new trench to honor the occassion! not to mention i switched purses to the new/vintage hot pink patent leather one kelly got for me on saturday.

i truly am living the most wonderful life...and my heart is growing--i can feel it.