Monday, December 05, 2005

saturday monday recap...

well, we all survived, had a great time, spent time with friends, laughed a lot, got to see folks we hadn't seen in a long time, met new people and oh, yeah, sold a bit of our artwork too! denise and becky have pics on their blogs already. me, you ask? well, i took one photo and then was busy dealing with plumbing issues, adjusting the thermostat, thinking about lunch and how that would work out, and oh, yeah, selling a bit of my artwork too.

i had a great time and even in retrospect, am still planning on another event very soon...maybe not even 12 months from now, but sooner. shhhh, don't tell kelly. he'll have my head examined.

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Becky said...

It was great Heidi-Maybe you should bag the felting (hee hee) and be like an event planner, wedding planner- to the stars, even! Seriously, you must have been cut out for this b/c you appeared to be cool as a cuke all day! thanks again. B