Thursday, December 15, 2005


there are days lately when all i can do is sit and weep. i'm not putting that out there 'cause i want a big ole pity party. i'm writing it so i can realize how utterly ridiculous it sounds.

monday, december 19 will be the one year anniversary of being cancer-free. again, not putting that out there 'cause i want cards and well-wishes (although i do love random mail!) but because i need to remember how lucky i blessed a life i lead and how special these opportunities are.

the seemingly unrelenting tests and doctors' appointments and examinations were wearing me down. until i read this blog entry, water and i understood that i was putting things in the wrong perspective. andrea always puts her thoughts together so succinctly. it helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. i have definitely been having a "glass is half empty" kind of two weeks. the glass is filling up today. i am physically feeling better and my mental outlook is sunnier too.

besides that, there's a silver tinsel christmas tree in my living room just waiting for a pom pon garland...that HAS to put a smile on anyone's face!


Anonymous said...

A friend gave me a magazine and in it is a web site She is making throws out of felted sweaters.
The mag says she is charging $350 per throw. It sounds like expansion to me.
Carol D

heidi said...

i saw that magazine and thought it also seemed like a good growth opportunity...but i think i'll stay small...think lusciously long felted scarves. whadya think?

JUST ME said...

OOOOOH LONG FELTED SCARVES sound great to me. Heidi, I love the flower pin I bought from you. I love wearing it..... It makes me feel pretty......