Thursday, December 22, 2005

what this blog needs is...

...more pictures!

yes, i know!

the scanner that was hooked up to our old computer doesn't seem to work with our new computer, hence scanning is right out. we're still researching digital cameras so we have yet to be able to upload pics that way.

but here's what i would have posted pictures of if i'd had a digital camera:

***shots of the gingerbread house i made last week. i didn't bake the gingerbread (i tried that last year and my gingerbread was so soft and wobbly, it never hardened up enough to build my structure!) this year i used a kit, because, let's be honest--the real excitement about making a gingerbread house is decorating it! and it turned out GREAT!

***photos from my gumdrop crafternoon ala posie. "what does that mean?" you ask? well, i invited over some gals to make some adorable wreaths from gumdrops. and each and every one of them took home a super cute holiday decoration. i also would show you pictures of the gumdrop tree i made to go with my gingerbread house.

***a picture of nathaniel in a grown up. so handsome.

***i'd show you a picture of my tinsel tree before my boys dismantle it to put up the faux tree we've had since nathaniel was a baby. nathaniel is so sentimental, he couldn't wrap his mind around the silver tinsel one, so i'll save it for my studio and really do it up right next year.

on a side note--tonight we're going to see el monstero, a pink floyd tribute band, at the pageant. although the allure of pink floyd is completely lost on me, kelly is a huge fan. last year, although he and nathaniel had tickets, i was in the hospital. kelly never left my side for 7 days (except when nurse ratchet made him vacate on the very first night), therefore he missed the concert, so this is my christmas present to him. thanks for always being near me, kelly! this 1st year is behind us now...only good things for the future.

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