Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2 & 3 of 52 figments...

i fell behind in the past two weeks on the 52 figments project. week's two question had me baffled: "all expenses are paid and your safety is guaranteed...where in the world do you want to go?" i don't know why this query had me so bound up inside. i've done some pretty extensive traveling in my day. for goodness sake, i hitchhiked my way through central america, so fear of foreign travel doesn't bug me too much. so i had to really think about what my fears are. i finally decided i would take a cruise around the world. the thing that frightens me so much about ocean travel is, of course, sinking and then drowning (i'm not a strong swimmer) and then sharks. (i've heard plenty of stories from my wwii grandfather who served in the navy to know to be extra afraid of the shark element.) but if all of those fears are removed, then the cruise would be what i would do. here's the pic of my submission:

week 3's question was, "imagine having a conversation with yourself 20 years from now. what question would you want to ask?" i think i would ask the same question i always want to know the answer to now:

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Karyl said...

I mailed #1 today, but I mailed it to myself! I will send a copy to Christine. My theme for this year? Survival! #2 and #3 are on the kitchen table waiting for embellishment! Thanks for the heads up on this project.