Tuesday, January 10, 2006

spt...personal history-part 2

part 2 in the series "the men of my life"
last week's submission featured me with the two most important men in my life, kelly and nathaniel. this week i've included a photo of me with my uncle rog...i am 15 months old; it's december 1966.

throughout the 40 years of my life, my 3 stepfathers, and my numerous boyfriends, he has been there since the beginning and is still there for me to lean upon. he has survived three bouts with cancer. he's an amazingly caring husband to my sweet aunt and devoted father to his children and a doting grandfather. in the void left by my grandfather, he has filled in with grace and has made my grandmother proud. he bought me my first real dolly. he took me to amusement parks. he carried me on his shoulders. he dried my tears. i am blessed to have him in my life. he is one of the biggest parts of my personal history.
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firstborn studio said...

i am so happy that you have this in your life...you are most deserving of all things good!
uncle rog looks like a real hoot in this photo!
so glad you shared this~

JUST ME said...

You are lucky...... I have an uncle, my uncle meno, that I love as much as I love my dad...... We both are lucky girls....