Thursday, January 05, 2006

theme: the year of focus...

via andrea's site, i've undertaken a year-long creativity project called 52 figments. my theme is

i am notorious for being easily distracted. i begin and restart projects over and over because i've begun another project that eventually is abandoned also. a common affliction many artists suffer from, i suppose.

i have a new journal from missy in which i plan to dump my creativity thoughts. some of the distraction comes from having too many ideas--too many things competing for the limited thinking resources i have at my disposal. then, when i go to my studio i may be distracted by the 10 gingerbread house kits on one table (please don't ask) or the pile of felted sweaters waiting for altering or the tiny christmas memory book i want to make for my gram or the bag of pom poms (sorted by color and size) that i want to make into a garland for my tinsel tree. what about the idea i have to paint all of my wooden studio furniture, cobbled together from tag sales and thrift stores, so that they all match? what about my mom's 60th birthday present? or my mother's day cards? or nathaniel's 16th birthday stuff? see? this can be draining to hold in your brain all the time.

focus is needed here.
with all these new tools at my disposal, i think i have a fighting chance to make it a very productive year.

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Missy J said...

hey there.
i got the pleasure of the tights in real life. gotta say...LOVE EM! (meant to tell you that when i saw you. too little time to much chattin' to do) i need to hook up with some myself.

i checked out the swirly site. are you going to send off the cards or use the prompts for personal journaling? i thought i might do both. then i would have a journal for myself but have the challege and fun of a group project.
have a great day...WEEKEND! yipee!