Sunday, January 08, 2006

the weekend...

the sunsets this weekend have been amazing. this one is from friday night. kelly has mastered the digital camera. hence, not all pictures of me will be self-portraits.

saturday was spent with family--the last holiday celebration! i have a very american-style extended family (steps, halves, adopteds) and getting together with all contingents takes weeks-- from november through january. more family = more love!

today i mailed off my first postcard to swirly girl for the 52 figments project. with the encouragement of missy, i've decided to not only participate in the program, but use the weekly prompts as journal jumpstarters. good idea, huh? here's this week's submission... i'll try and remember to post my submission each week.

i plan on being extra-productive this week. will keep you all updated!


Becky said...

what a terrific photograph!!! just the best. b

firstborn studio said...

omgoodnessgracious, i could barely drive on saturday coming home from spending the day at the loop,because the sunset was UNBELIEVABLE...God is theeee most amazing artiste,eh?!
this is a precious photo of you and n and that sunset!
i love your 52 figment contribution/prompt...i thought for a second about doing that,but knew i couldn't commit..that is progress for me!
love you,h!

Beth said... your "focus" and am amazed when someone can focus that much (assuming the 52 figment contribution is for 52 weeks of great projects) I will check weekly to see what you have done.

ps...thanks to you and your art show, I am more motivated then ever to keep working on my pictures.

Carrie said...

Oh the sun. We had 15 days with no sun here in WI - I think it was actually a few states near here too! I should've just sat in front of my computer screen with your blog up!