Thursday, January 19, 2006

four things...

good gf, denise, tagged me, so here goes.

4 places you have lived:
saint louis, missouri
indianapolis, indiana
richmond, indiana
cuatla, mexico

4 tv shows you enjoy watching:
gilmore girls
gray's anatomy
globe trekker
the thursday night comedy line-up on nbc

4 places you have been on vacation:
paris, france
grand canyon, arizona (2x)
las vegas, nevada (2x)
acapulco, mexico

4 websites you visit daily:
dozens of blogs
check e-mail LOTS (btw, e-mail me okay? it breaks up my day:
the library website to check on the status of all of my requested items
my yahoo groups

4 of my favorite foods:
cottage cheese
fuji apples with organic peanut butter
ben & jerry's cherry garcia ice cream
lox & bagel

4 places i would rather be right now:
any beach
borders reading "free" magazines and sipping a decaf non-fat latte
in a cabin stocked with food for a week, equipt with a sewing machine, scissors and endless fabric
in my studio...this 9 to 5 is for the birds

and i'm adding this category:
4 jobs you have had:
potato chip girl
mcdonald's fry cook
china and silverware salesperson
customer service agent for an insurance company

thanks, denise! this was fun!


firstborn studio said...

soooo nice to know more about you!!! were right to add the "work" catagory...also this catagory was originally left off...4 fav movies you could watch again and again!
looking forward to our play date...when is good for you?!

ntuart said...

i was a customer service agent for an insurance company too! (national general, which was bought out by gmac).....i quit almost 11 years ago.....who did you work for???