Friday, July 01, 2005

queen for a day

red lead's sharon shamed me into creating this blog. now there will be no excuse for me not sharing information about my artwork with the world at large.

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Becky said...

I wanted to tell you that when I was a chronological kid, "Queen for a Day" was one of my fave shows on TV. Shoulda known then that I woulda been a social worker since listening intently to the misery of others caught me at such an early age. I still remember those women getting up on stage and spilling their guts and asking for just a mattress for their kids to sleep on or a fridge and then of course they would end up with the whole kitchen. But the audience would have to clap for who had the worst problem and they had the meter at the bottom of the TV screen and the person who had the most applause worthy misery got the prize! 60s reality TV to be sure.