Saturday, July 02, 2005


have you ever seen the movie "annie hall"? there's a scene in that movie where annie hall tells woody allen's character, alvie singer, about her grandmother, grammie hall. alvie comments that annie's family sounded like something out of a norman rockwell painting. that's my family--except we're italian and lithuanian and loud and boisterous.

this is my grammie chinnici. she's three years old in this picture. the morning this picture was taken she'd fallen out of a second story window and gotten a huge knot on her head. the year was 1924 and her family wasn't sure if she'd make it through the night, so they dressed her up, let her wear her mother's necklace and took her to have her picture taken. this picture is the inspiration for the name of my jewelry business and this blog...for this one day my grammie was "queen for a day."

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sharon wisely said...

great the photo!