Monday, July 11, 2005

walk right in, sit right down...

on saturday night, we drove to belleville to go to the drive-in.

doesn't the mere act of reading the above sentence seem old school? who goes to the drive-in? well, the wallaces, that's who!

the drive-in protocol here, as compared to indiana, where i grew up, is quite different. in indiana you go to the drive-in and watch the movie from inside your car. here, well, you may be in your car when you arrive, but then you get out of your auto and set-up your lawn chair or blanket of choice and watch the movie from under a canopy of stars. how, you may ask, do you HEAR the movie. gone are the days of the drive-in speaker. the soundtrack is broadcast on an FM frequency that you tune your boom-box to.

when we arrived on saturday evening the line to get into the drive-in was two blocks long. the double feature we wanted to see, fantastic four and mr. & mrs. smith, was sold out. luckily the sky view has two screens so we decided to go ahead and see the other movies. but while we were in line, we witnessed a crazy thing...people walking into the drive-in. a definite "aha" moment! we would pay to park our car for one screen and walk over with our lawn chairs to the other screen. and that's just what we did! yay!

there's nothing that can compare to sitting with my guys by my sides, eating some cherry pull'n'peel licorice and watching a kitschy summer blockbuster movie above my head 50 yards wide. sweet summertime ritual...

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