Monday, July 25, 2005

i'm back...did ya miss me?

sorry i dropped off the face of the earth! lots of stuff happening over here.
  • on wednesday i picked up the pink beauty above. thanks to patrick, the previous owner, for sending me the digital pics so i could upload them for all the world to see. "gracie" (as she is now called) makes me uncontrollably giggly. every time i drive her, i'm filled with glee and joy! she is just the shot of hot pink goodness i needed! thanks to my sweetie hubby for the most awesome gift in the world!
  • on thursday, i went to the ophthalmologist to rule out poor sight as the cause of my headaches. when i made the appointment, i thought it was a stroke of genius to schedule the eye appointment on the same day as my MRI. what a headcase i am. did i forget about the dilation? did i forget that i would have to drive FROM the eye appointment to the hospital with two pairs of sunglasses on and completely unable to see what was right in front of my face? i could see things at a distance fine, so i was okay to drive, but the speedometer was out of the question. if you happened to see a pink 1965 station wagon creeping eastbound on highway 40 on thursday afternoon, that would have been me!
  • i had my MRI...still waiting for results (will probably know more this afternoon). thanks to everyone who e-mailed me, or spoke to me or sent kind thoughts my way. they did me a world of good. now it's just a waiting game. i'm sure everything is going to be great!

update: the MRI results came back negative, which doesn't mean i don't have a brain but that the test was normal! yay! just say "NO" to cancer people!

  • i spent friday, saturday and sunday in the tutelage of keely barham, artist extraordinaire! i learned so much, got to spend time with wonderful, talented women and left with two complete projects (pictures later) and one almost finished project. thanks to ms. nancy for all her hard work. it was a fantastic event!

now back to work to get some rest!


sharon wisely said...

Wonderful Car..More Wonderful MRI!

firstborn studio said...

OOOO!YAY! So happy to hear the negative news! And I am coveting your "gracie" is just theee most precious thing on wheels!

nancy said...

Wonderful, wonderful news.

I do like your gracie, does she miss her green friend?

I am so happy that you enjoyed the classes. Your projects are awesome. Look forward to show & tell.

Becky said...

I am breathing a sigh a of relief. Unclench and carry on.
Love, Becky

Mary Beth said...

Woo hoo to all of the above!! Life is good.

Teresa said...

First of all....Yea!!! Who knew being negative would be such a good thing? The picture of the car is great...had to show it to my husband, he was impressed. Also wanted to say how much I enjoyed sharing a table with you over the weekend. Still have no finished projects but sure have enjoyed working on them. Trying to design and make wings for my doll...not quite working for me yet.