Monday, July 18, 2005

not quite finished...

so my to-do list was a little ambitious, but here is a list of the things i did accomplish this weekend:
  • went to see a so-so beatles impersonation band at a local community fair on friday night. although the band sang a bit pitchy in spots, they did play their instruments quite well. spending an evening under the stars with my husband was a special bonus.
  • ran to the bakery to test out some cupcakes for a secret event...they were oh-so-cute and delish to boot!
  • finished up another paper arts project related to the secret event in item above.
  • ate an inside picnic with our good friends on saturday night (thanks, k& m).
  • washed about eleventy hundred loads of laundry.
  • made french toast and bacon for breakfast.
  • went to see charlie and the chocolate factory (although i did like the new version, i liked the 1960's one better)
  • made pan-fried chicken breasts and four cheese potatoes for dinner (they were so yummy!)
  • ate a ted drewes dottie sundae at a very late hour before falling into bed on sunday night.

now on with another work week!

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